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Foundation Training

Start with a solid understanding of blockchain and crypto fundamentals. If you are not sure about what makes a blockchain unique, what tokenized assets are or how smart contracts differ from a lawyer's contract, this is the right course for you. 

Architect Pack

Blockchain expert training designed for technology engineers, software architects and developers who want to deepen their knowledge in different Blockchain architectures and DLT protocols.

Developer Pack

Build your first blockchain application. If you would like to learn the language used for new blockchain platforms and deploy your first distributed nodes on Ethereum, Hyperledger, NEO or other platforms, have a look at our portfolio of developer courses.

Corporate Pack

Prepare your business for the future. If you want to bring a group of people in your corporation on the same blockchain knowledge level to work together on use cases then get in touch with us. We can design training or workshop for your specific needs.

Why train with Swisscom Blockchain?

Real World Experience

Hands on Methodology

Enterprise Perspective

Access to Crypto Network

  • Based on our extensive practical experience across industries

  • Interactive learning experience led by a Swisscom Blockchain expert

  • Blockchain evaluation with business logic & financial cases

  • Get in touch with the best crypto teams in Switzerland

  • Content that is being constantly 
    refreshed with newest use cases

  • Focused on doing

  • Enhanced with product insights 
    from our partner companies

  • Sand box environments up and running to enforce your skills

  • Constant coordination & alignment to create and provide a selection of topics customized to your goals

  • Learn from the most qualified engineers from the crypto valley

  • Become the next best blockchain developer

Among +1000 participants trained, here is what some of them say:

Konstantin Mishin

«My expectations were exceeded. I've visited many pieces of training and courses, but this one was an exceptional one. The instructors provided us with information in a very easy way to understand. It was a perfect mix of theory and practice. It's incredible that such a great exchange of this knowledge was possible in only 4 days.»

Andrew Vong

«The highlight for me was, that it started with a fairly philosophical approach on the “Why”. As the days went by, the instructors painted a very complete picture of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In this training, we dived not only into the business aspect but also the technical aspect and business use cases. I thoroughly enjoyed the training.»

Robert Rolle

«I loved that the instructors of the Academy didn’t only possess the theoretical knowledge, but they also tied the course material to real customer projects. The content throughout the course was based on real use cases happening right now. The blockchain world today is moving so fast, it was a great experience to be part of it and moving at the same pace with it.»

Rolf Stirnimann

«I really liked the structure of the training. It started from the very beginning with the history of money, then we moved on to Cryptography and afterward Smart Contracts and at the very end, with all this knowledge we gained, we deep-dived into business cases which I believe is very important and valuable.»

Upcoming Event

Blockchain and Digital Assets – Foundation Training
Blockchain and Digital Assets – Foundation Training
Blockchain Architect - Architect Training
Blockchain and Digital Assets – Foundation Training
Blockchain Architect - Architect Training
Blockchain and Digital Assets – Foundation Training
Blockchain Architect - Architect Training