Blockchain Corporate Trainings

Accelerate blockchain transformation by unlocking your team's potential

Blockchain, Tokenization, Digital Assets, and other technology-driven innovations are upending the nature of work and disrupting traditional organizations. Across all levels, the need is

growing for new skills and capabilities. In order to succeed, 

capability building needs to be grounded in how an

organization creates value.​

Our mission is to help organizations succeed at the human side of strategy 

and bring forward digital transformation initiatives that leverage 

blockchain capabilities.

Our Corporate Training strike a balance between teaching the fundamentals

paired with hands-on learning sessions of real-life 

use cases linked to specific industries. 

Our experts assess capability gaps and work together to design and

implement the right interventions to build needed skills in your team.

From ideation sessions and architectural design to solution development andapplication deployment, our Academy experts support your organization 

with identifying business opportunities leveraging blockchain capabilities 

and equip your team with the required skills to drive business transformation.

We have trained a total of +1'000 participants, all of them with a diverse background including Financial Services, Healthcare, Energy, Consumer discretionary just to mention a few.

Client industries

What do we offer?

  • Comprehensive capability building programs with qualified certification

  • Industry insights and innovations gained from our projects and engagements.

  • Highly customized programs designed to address an organization's unique business challenges.

  • Unique hands-on sessions and an immersive class-room experience with our blockchain experts

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