Developer Pack

In our 3-day blockchain developer training, you will learn everything you need to start building your first dApps. These courses give you the know-how to use all the required tools and to set up a professional development environment, possibilities and limitations as well as the main concepts and features of each platform's coding language.

Program Curriculum

  • Module 1: History of money, bitcoin and Blockchain​​

  • Module 2: Blockchain Market Trends

  • Module 6: DEFI and Web 3

  • Module 7: Blockchain and Business Use cases & Self-Sovereign Identity

  • Module 3: Assets Tokenization

  • Module 8: Intro to libra coin

  • Module 4: Cryptography, Transactions and Blockchain Nodes

  • Module 5: Ethereum fundamentals and Smart contract deployments

  • Module 9: Blockchain in banking

  • Module 10: Collaboration Group Project

Meet your instructors

Luigi Riva

Technical Prouct Manager and Solution Architect

Kerstin Hansen

Lead Compliance Services

Kasimir Blaser

Technical Manager

José Parra Moyano

Head Blockchain Ressource Lab - Chair of Quant. Business Administration UHZ

Trainings key take aways

  • History and foundation of cryptography, blockchain and cryptocurrencies

  • From ICOs to STOs, Token economics and market regulation

  • Smart contract modeling, programming and deployment

  • Business use cases, architecture and implementation

3 Days

Group Work

Official certificate

Onsite training

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