The Smart Gateway to the Blockchain World

Dappi is a managed infrastructure, enterprise-grade, which provides easy and secure access to public blockchain networks for any IT solutions.


With Dappi it is not necessary anymore to worry about technical complexity and each customer can focus on his use case, we take care of the rest.

In addition Dappi provides a statistical engine that allows each customer to run their back office business intelligence or provide statistical dashboard in real time opening a new world of "blockchain data analytics".

Multiple Blockchains

  • Multiple public blockchains support

  • Geographic replication and redundancy

  • High-availability

  • Light and Full node based on technology

Managed Infrastructure

  • Enterprise-grade security

  • Automated monitoring and notification service

  • Geographic distribution

  • 99.9% SLA

  • MainNet and TestNet

Smart Gateway

  • Usage through simple REST APIs

  • Single interface for multiple blockchains

  • Real time advanced queries

Validator Service

  • Support for easy consortium formation

  • Dedicated infrastructure

  • Staking option available

  • Light and Full node options