Dappi - The Smart Gateway to the Blockchain World

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Dappi is a managed Node as a Service solution for companies who want to access public blockchain networks in an easy, secure and fast way.

Connect your Applications to the blockchain now 

With Dappi it is not anymore necessary to worry about  blockchain technical complexity.


Simply call our unified API and start interacting with blockchains. You can focus on your main business, we take care of the rest.


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Cost & Time saving



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Supported protocols

Dappi supports access to all main public blockchain networks.


Transaction Manager

Access blockchain networks using powerful REST APIs.

Sending crypto transactions without worrying about the technical details has never been so easy.

  • Mainnet and Testnet

  • Shared or Dedicated infrastructure

  • Different types of node supported (light or full)

  • 99.9% Availability

  • Automated monitoring and notification service


Validator Service

​Dappi is the perfect tool for supporting "consortium formation". Once a new company is joining a blockchain consortium they can rely on Dappi to spin up and maintain their dedicated Validator Node.

  • Support for easy consortium formation

  • Dedicated infrastructure

  • Staking option available

Insights and anayltics Module

Real time advanced queries and notifications that provide you all the relevant information about the status of the various blockchain and useful monitoring information:

  • Fees

  • Difficulty

  • Blockheight

  • Mempool

  • Nodes

  • Price

  • Market cap

  • etc.


"With Swisscom Blockchain Dappi Services, we are able to expand our range of services and offering to our customers. There is a constant maintenance and guaranteed uptime associated with the setup and running of a node.

Swisscom Blockchain professionally takes care of this process and ensures maintenance and the stability of the nodes."

Peter Hofmann, CEO Custodigit AG


Our pricing is progressive and is accompanying you all along your growth journey. 

  • Academic

    For Schools and Universities​

    • Testnet

    • 99.9 % uptime

    • Community Support 


  • Growth S

    • Testnet and Mainnet

    • 99.9% uptime

    • 5'000 requests per day 

    • Email Support

    CHF 99

    / month / protocol

  • Growth M

    • Testnet and Mainnet

    • 99.9% uptime

    • 20'000 requests per day 

    • Email Support

    CHF 499 

    / month / protocol

  • Growth L

    • Testnet and Mainnet

    • 99.9% uptime

    • 50'000 requests per day

    • Email Support

    CHF 999

    / month / protocol

  • Enterprise

    • Testnet and Mainnet

    • 99.9 % uptime

    • Adjustable daily limit

    • Premium Support

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